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We are based in Kent and can deliver intensive driving courses throughout the South East and London.

A traditional driving course done at an hour at a time over several months can cost significantly more than an intensive driving course, which are planned in to suit your availability over just a few weeks or even days.

The government suggest 47 hours plus 25 hours private practice with friends and family is the average required to reach the driving test standard. Our Intensive driving courses have an average of about 35 hours per course and a much higher than average pass rate.

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A bit more detail!

Get Passed. Quick

We have 8 different courses which can be completed in anything from 2 days to 6 weeks. There really is no quicker way to do it!

Traditionally, it takes around a year for a student to pass their driving test when taking about an hour a week. Some take longer whilst lots try and do it over 6 months or so.

The waiting list for the theory test is often around 2 weeks, whilst the wait for the driving test is typically 6 to 12 weeks. We would suggest that all that waiting builds up the pressure more than necessary.

A well planned intensive driving course reduces the whole event down to a few days, or weeks at the most.

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Over 650 Instructors

With over 650 experienced driving instructors now working with us we are confident we can get the result you need both quickly and efficiently. We are constantly on the look out for new instructors and have a genuine commitment to use only the best available.

We choose them with the following conditions in mind -

  • They have to be experienced. (at least 2 years as an ADI)
  • They have to have good references and testimonials from previous pupils
  • They have to have a DSA driving instructor grade 5 or 6 at their last check test
  • They each have to maintain a good pass rate

  • It is our aim over the coming year to expand our base of driving instructors to 2000. This will give greater depth and breadth of coverage, enabling us to offer a quicker faster service.

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    Second Chances

    We can always guarantee our quality However, things can go pear shaped and if you don't manage to pass first time we pay for your next driving test!
    It's important to realise no one can fully guarantee that you will pass any test, whether it is your first attempt or not. By offering to pay for your second attempt we are sure it keeps us on our toes and helps focus our attention on making sure you are as ready as you can be to take and pass the driving test.
    We have read some of the small and very small print of some companies that offer 'guaranteed pass schemes' and suggest you are a little wary of unreasonable boasts.

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    Our standard Intensive Driving Courses are designed to have you passed within less than 8 weeks from first phone call*.

    Now that does not mean you need 8 weeks of lessons! - it may be that you only need 10 hours of lessons which is normally done over 2 or 3 days. It also means we will get a driving test for you within 4 to 8 weeks of your first phone call.

    So for instance you could call today, take an assessment lesson this week, pay a deposit of £100 once you are happy with your instructor and the suggested course, we book your test and plan in your lessons and after just 4 weeks we can see you taking and passing your driving test - Easy!
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    Sometimes people need to pass fast - let us help

    Just like our standard course except quicker! We can do the assessment within days and then find a test date within 2 to 4 weeks from first phone call.

    It's a little more expensive as we have to spend a lot of time on the phones and online with the DSA to find that early date. It also means we sometimes have to juggle instructors diaries around to ensure we can fit you in at the times you need.
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    Sometimes people need to pass even faster - let us help

    Sometimes even we can't do the impossible - and sometimes we can!
    Why not call us and see?
    Of course it's always better to plan ahead when it comes to any aspect of driving, but we know that others can sometimes let you down, perhaps your instructor or their car is 'unwell', sometimes your employer can insist you pass by the end of the month or maybe a job offer depends upon having a driving licence.
    Whatever your reason for needing your test this week or next we are probably one of the few companies that can help - 01303 279755
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